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Bliss-blend-the COMPACT ♥︎ PORTABLE ♥︎ POWERFUL -Portable Blender!! No matter what diet you follow or if you just want to live a healthy and easy lifestyle, the Bliss-blend portable blender is your delicious lifehacker!! If you are doing keto and a coffee lover, you will find your bulletproof VEGAN CHAI LATTE never tasted so good!! You can prefill your MCT oil power, Bliss Fit all-purpose keto mix, Chai fat bomb, organic butter or ghee, stevia (whatever you fancy for your keto coffee) and slip into your gym bag, handbag or backpack. You can blend it anywhere, anytime!! FEATURES: COMPACT: big enough to hold a large-sized drink but small enough to fit in a standard-sized cup holder; PORTABLE: you can blend your favourite mixes, coffees, smoothies, shakes anywhere, anytime! POWERFUL: six stainless-steel serrated blades that can crush ice RECHARGEABLE: up to 12 blends with just one charge and can be conveniently charged using USB or power bank LIGHT: easy to carry to the gym or work, or in your backpack or handbag SELF-CLEANING: just add dishwashing liquid and press the button! PLUS: A handy built-in strainer so you can enjoy smooth blends without the mess!

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