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28 Kelvinside Road
Noble Park

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Whip your butt into shape in a compassionate way. Finding a personal trainer that isn't going to tell you to eat meat for protein is hard. Health and fitness go hand in hand with nutrition. I help people achieve optimal weight, body composition and long-term health through a holistic, evidence-based approach. I take group sessions as well as one on one session depending on your fitness goals. Special offers for women with the most flexible and cost-effective way to reach your fitness goals. I want to help people become more aware that they can make big improvements to their health, fitness and wellbeing by implementing effective exercise and nutrition. I am committed to helping different people including older clients, and clients with injuries / disabilities. I train people of all ages and fitness levels and I have found that helping people improve in fitness, health an wellbeing to be a very rewarding experience. Training vegan clients is undoubtedly trickier, but it takes a little know-how and understanding. FREE Plant-based recipes* Feel free to get in touch with me for an obligation free quote.

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